I love coming up with ideas.

As a boy I would think big and dream big. A product of the 70s, my vivid imagination was fuelled by epic sci-fi movies and 60 cent superhero comics.

I grew up believing as long as I used my abilities for the greater good there was no problem big enough that couldn’t be overcome.

After all, if it worked for my heroes, surely it could work for me too.

Having worked as a copywriter in busy ad agencies and as a fundraiser for not-for-profits such as World Vision, The Heart Foundation and Habitat for Humanity over the past 20 years I know this to be true.

For everything wrong with this world there is usually a way to help put it right.

Whether it’s raising awareness or funds or both, there’s nothing I enjoy more than having the opportunity to do a little good too.

Please call me to discuss what flick can do for you.

Lincoln Davies